Core Field Types

The Core Field Types module is included in all Form Tools download packages from 2.1.5 onwards. It is used by the installation script to populate the database with the Core field types for use in your forms. Namely:

  • Textboxes
  • Passwords
  • Textareas
  • Radio buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Dropdowns
  • Multi-select dropdowns
  • Dates
  • Times
  • Phone Numbers
  • Code/Markup fields

This is a special module. Since it handles key functionality, it cannot be uninstalled.

Why a Separate Module?

Form Tools 2.1.0 re-designed the way field types are handled. Now you can develop new and interesting ways to gather data through your forms. As simple illustrations of this, the Google Maps module lets you embed a fully functional Google Maps field into your forms, and the TinyMCE module displays a WYSIWYG field.

Initially, we thought that defining and distributing the most common field types (textboxes, textareas etc.) as part of the Form Tools Core would be the simplest and most natural solution. Every form needs one of these field types, so distributing it as an optional module made no sense. However, we found that in practice, the benefits to using a module were just too great. Having field types managed through modules allowed for quick and simple updates and fixes. But for the Core field types, we had to rely on new Core builds - as well as being limited in what it could actually do in terms of testing and management.

We also released the Custom Fields module. This (extremely powerful!) module provides a simple user interface to customize and create your own field types. However, the danger was that people could then delete or overwrite the Core field types, and prevent their script from running properly. Since the field types were created via the Core, it wasn't simple to reset their configurations, should the need arise.

So to solve both these problems, we created the Core Field Types module. It's required for all 2.1.5+ installations, but optional for earlier versions. It handles the creation and management of these field types. Over time, we will expand this module to allow you to test and reset the field types to ensure that your installation is always configured properly.