This tutorial explains how to use the Form Tools API to submit a single-page form.
This explains how to integrate a multi-page form with Form Tools.
This tutorial explains how to use the API functions to re-fill your form fields. This can be handy with multi-page forms when the user can go back and forth between the pages.
This tutorials explains how to add server-side validation to your forms, using the built-in PHP Validation script.
This tutorial explains how to add client-side validation to your forms using the bundled RSV (Really Simple Validation) script.
A simple step-by-step tutorial on how to add your first form to Form Tools.
A simple tutorial to explain how to set up Form Tools to allow clients to VIEW submission data, but not be able to edit any of the values or delete the submission.
This tutorial leads you through the process of adding a reCAPTCHA (image verification) to your POST form, helping fend off spam.